Steven Winnie

Chief Legal and Compliance Officer, Incenter Lender Services

Steve Winnie is Chief Legal and Compliance Officer and a member of the Incenter Executive Leadership Team.  He joined Incenter in 2023 and his guidance on all legal and compliance during the company’s buyout from Finance of America was a critical source of support.   

Steve has held the role of in-house general counsel for more than 15 years of his 20+ year career.  He is responsible for all legal, risk and compliance related matters across the Incenter family of companies, including those related to operations and services, product development and trademark, corporate and division-level financial reporting and disclosure, mergers and acquisitions, and human resources. 

Most recently, Steve served as President of University Accounting Services (UAS), a division of TSI, one of the nation’s larger loan servicers.  Prior to joining UAS, Steve held the positions of President and CEO of our own CampusDoor division. 

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