CampusDoor offers one of the nation’s largest third-party student and specialty loan origination platforms—enabling banks, credit unions and educational institutions to offer in-school student loans, refinancing, and other student support. CampusDoor’s Lending-In-A-Box programs give lenders and non-bank lenders a minimum investment/low-risk opportunity to enter the student lending market with a range of turnkey loan products.

CampusDoor’s student loan origination services improve customer loyalty and grow lifecycle value by offering a way to bridge the significant gap that federal loans don’t cover. These loans can be used for undergraduate, graduate, technical or non-degree education. Our white label-able platform features an easy, intuitive application process, customizable dynamic loan term generation and fantastic call center support.

Provide a solution for a common challenge among graduates — refinancing student debt. This product will allow your customers to consolidate multiple student loans into one and refinance to achieve a lower rate and/or the convenience of a single monthly payment. Our Student-Loan-In-A-Box product allows bank and non-bank lenders to offer student debt refinancing without leveraging their balance sheet.