Property values constantly rise and fall with market conditions and property taxes aren’t always adjusted accordingly. The experts at Incenter Tax Solutions perform free, professional commercial and residential property tax reviews.  Available in all 50 states, our services can save property owners tens of thousands of dollars.

Incenter Tax Solutions specializes in reducing property taxes for residential and commercial property owners nationwide. We perform property tax reviews for free; there is no cost or risk to the customer and if there’s an appeal, we take care of the entire process. We collect a one-time fee if the appeal is successful. Once a property is in our system, we conduct an annual review for free and if a homeowner qualifies for additional property tax appeals, we’ll file those, too.

Certain states offer Homestead Exemptions that automatically reduce the property taxes on primary residences. Where applicable, Incenter Tax Solutions ensures the documentation is filed correctly and meets state deadlines.

Most states offer a Senior Exemption for those 65 years and older. This exemption can help seniors save hundreds of dollars annually on property taxes. Often on a fixed income and tight budget, seniors can use those savings to pay for medicine, doctor’s appointments and other essentials. We take the worry and stress away from seniors by working with each individual to prepare, collect and file the required documentation on time.