Incenter Insurance Solutions (IIS) is a national insurance agency with a local presence. Licensed and operating in all 50 states, the Incenter Insurance team delivers a personalized approach to insurance solutions across all product lines including home, auto, life and commercial. IIS also offers specialty services and products to mortgage lenders.

Incenter Connect gives organizations that may require insurance for sales transactions, including mortgage lenders and auto dealerships, a plug-and-play solution to allow customers to purchase the policies they need to close the deal. Service providers can integrate Incenter Connect directly into their sales platform and process.

The purpose of business insurance for all companies is to protect them and the value they generate. It’s also to ensure their continuity in case something happens. However, there are enormous differences in the risk profiles and insurance needs from one type of business to the next.  And there are even significant differences and needs across two companies in the same business.

Incenter Insurance Solutions helps provide protection for you and your family by offering life, home, and auto lines. We go beyond these to include new products to cover today’s very real risks such as cybersecurity and personal identity fraud.  Then we carefully combine and mold them to your precise, individual situation.

From maximizing your benefits to minimizing your costs, we work side-by-side with customers to make sure they understand their options and get the coverage they need. Incenter Insurance Solutions can help employers with group benefits and services offer the right employee options. We also enable individuals or families to make the best coverage decisions whether they are self-employed, between jobs, students or retired.

Life moves quickly and everyone experiences major life milestones that impact their life insurance needs. We help customers determine the coverage they need now to protect their families and their future.  Incenter Insurance Solutions offers coverage options in Group, Term, Whole and Single Premium for all stages of life, from marriage to retirement.