IIS Launches New Warranty Protection Plans, Allowing Companies To Offer Extended Coverage Options For Their Customers’ Most Valuable Assets

October 16, 2023

The new service empowers mortgage providers and car dealerships with the ability to quickly deliver extended warranty products on every single qualifying deal

Incenter Insurance Solutions, a national insurance agency with dozens of carrier relationships, today announced the launch of a full suite of premium warranty protection plans. The new service enables mortgage lenders, banks, credit unions and car dealerships to add extra value to their customer relationships by offering extended warranty coverage on big ticket home appliances and systems, residential real estate investments, and vehicles.

“Our clients are always asking us for ways to build customer loyalty in an extremely price-driven business. Additionally, customers who purchase a warranty are more likely to recommend you to their friends and family. That’s especially important in sectors like lending and automotive sales, where customers are constantly being barraged with competitive offers,” said Craig Eagleson, President.

With Incenter Insurance Solutions’ warranty services, mortgage providers can provide their homeowners with plans to activate fast repairs and/or replacement of any major appliance breakdown like refrigerators, ovens, washers and dryers, or, on any major operating system like HVAC, furnaces, electrical, or water heaters. Auto dealers can offer their customers coverage on big ticket items like transmissions, engines, HVAC systems and electrical work. (Note, actual coverage will vary based on what option is chosen).

The warranty services complement Incenter Insurance Solutions’ property and casualty insurance options, which are also available through lenders and auto dealerships.

Furthermore, companies can enjoy other benefits when working with Incenter Insurance Solutions including the fact that…

  • The company’s extensive carrier relationships allow for more flexibility and customization to serve individual needs
  • The firm also offers embedded insurance plans making it easy for mortgage/auto dealer customers to quickly purchase a policy to cover a new home or car
  • The company has a highly responsive team of “live” professionals who are accessible to answer questions real-time

To learn more about Incenter Insurance Solutions, contact Mr. Eagleson at [email protected] or (973) 637-3208.

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