Pamela Hamrick, President, Incenter Diligence Solutions, Honored Among “Powerful Women of Mortgage Banking”

October 2023 | Mortgage Banker Magazine

How close are we to a place where gender is not a distinction in mortgage banking?

We’re making excellent progress. The many women who have risen to the top, and are elevating other women, are accelerating our momentum. Becoming “the best” in our fields also makes gender distinction irrelevant. As President of Incenter Diligence Solutions, I’m keenly aware of the pressures on mortgage executives to seize new growth opportunities while assuring thay no regulatory requirements are being overlooked. The stakes are too high for gender to influence a client’s decisions about a diligence partner.

What steps can women take for better carer stability?

I would recommend that they cultivate several traits – curiosity, an eagerness to develop and improve, a willingness to try out every facet of the mortgage industry, and then a focus on excelling in some specialized areas…

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