Pamela Hamrick

President, Incenter Diligence Solutions

Pamela Hamrick runs Incenter Diligence Solutions, one of many Incenter companies dedicated to providing expert mortgage services to the lending community. 

She maintains responsibility for business strategy, operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, contract negotiation, and supervises the day-to-day operations of a team of highly skilled due diligence professionals. 

Prior to Incenter Diligence Solutions, Pamela held roles as Senior Vice President of Operations for Lending.com and First Financial Services where she managed the company’s processing, underwriting, closing, funding, compliance, disclosure, QC, and post-closing departments as well as the development and maintenance of the company’s Loan Origination System. 

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Pam Hamrick

Customized Reporting Streamlines Intricate Due Diligence Processes

“In an active trading market, participants must be able to quickly identify and manage their short-term and long-term risks so that they can transfer assets with agility and seize new revenue opportunities,” says Pamela Hamrick, president of Incenter Diligence Solutions, formerly known as Edgemac. “Incenter Diligence is streamlining the obstacle-ridden diligence processes.”