Incenter Lender Services promotes Sara Parrish to COO

May 28th, 2024 | By Flávia Furlan Nunes for HousingWire

Philadelphia-based Incenter Lender Services has promoted Sara Parrish to chief operating officer amid a plan to attract independent mortgage banks (IMBs) with variable-cost services. Parrish will remain as president of CampusDoor, an Incenter subsidiary that focuses on student loans.

“A big part of my job is preparing us for scale,” Parrish said in an interview with HousingWire. “We are getting ready to tackle even more exciting projects, and we expect a lot of growth, especially in the third and fourth quarters of this year and then into next year as well.”

Incenter has businesses focused on capital markets, loan diligence, student lending, insurance, property tax, accounting and marketing. Parrish’s promotion adds to the company’s plan, announced last fall, to serve a broader range of national and regional banks, credit unions, servicers, investors and asset managers in new ways.

According to Parrish, some of Incenter’s clients, such as IMBs, face pressures from the market downturn. “Those customers are having a tough time right now,” Parrish said. “Some of the solutions that we’re bringing to market, our biggest priorities, will offer variable-cost options.”

In December, HousingWire reported that one of the group’s companies, Incenter Mortgage Advisors (IMA), which has helped organize more than $2 trillion in mortgage servicing rights (MSRs), rebranded as Incenter Capital Advisors and changed its leadership to reflect a broader set of capital market services.

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